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Why Ragnarok Season 3 Ending Disappoints Fans

Why Ragnarok Season 3 Ending Disappoints Fans

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Let’s dive into why the Ragnarok Season 3 ending left much to be desired. A fair warning: spoilers ahead.

Why Ragnarok Season 3 Ending Disappoints Fans
Movie NameRagnarok Season 3
IMDb Rating7/10
GenresFantasy, Drama, Mystery
StarsDavid Stakston, Jonas Strand Gravli, Theresa Frostad Eggesbø
DirectorMogens Trolle
Release DateAugust 24, 2023

Ragnarok’s highly anticipated third and final season has hit screens, leaving fans in shock and disappointment with its unexpected and lackluster ending. As I sat through five and a half hours of build-up, the climax I was hoping for in the final 30 minutes turned out to be cliché and anticlimactic, leaving me with a need to share my thoughts on how the show’s ending managed to miss the mark so drastically.

The Downfall of the Ragnarok Season 3 Ending:

The Downfall of the Ragnarok Season 3 Ending:

Up until episode 5, the show was making steady progress, with the main plot developing at a reasonable pace. It seemed like we were on track for an epic final battle that the entire series had been building toward. With the last episode aptly titled “Ragnarok,” the anticipation was high.

But then, something surprising happened in the last episode of the season, changing the way the show felt and leaving us a bit unsatisfied. It felt like the ending we were all waiting for didn’t quite happen.
Actually, if you think about it, Episode 5 could have worked really well as the season finale. It had all the elements of resolution between the Giants and the gods that we were looking forward to.

Sadly, even that climax fell flat, featuring an average meeting in a warehouse that failed to deliver the anticipated impact. The greatest letdown of all was the final 30 minutes of the series. The revelation that the entire story and plot were mere figments of Magnus’ imagination felt cheap and unintelligent as if it were a disservice to viewers who had invested their time.

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A Change in Direction:

The sudden shift in the story’s direction was a pivotal issue. Typically, there are subtle hints throughout a series that lead to major twists, but Ragnarok’s ending felt like an afterthought. The story never genuinely seemed to intend for this outcome, and the pivot toward Magnus’ imaginative construct was jarring. The show had an opportunity to unfold the epic saga of Ragnarok and deliver a grand battle, yet what we got was a trivial, inconsequential battle confined to Magnus’ mind during his graduation. This undermined the show’s entire narrative and rendered it essentially pointless.

Missed Opportunities and Inconsistencies:

Missed Opportunities and Inconsistencies:

The inconsistencies in when the reveal happened, what was real, and what wasn’t left viewers perplexed. Did Magnus threaten Fjor and his family with something other than a hammer? Did any of the battles truly occur? Was Magnus an active participant, or was he merely a spectator in his mind?

The ending didn’t make things very clear and seemed a bit confusing. It felt like the people behind the show didn’t really know how to wrap things up neatly, which resulted in a rushed and not-so-satisfying conclusion.

Other Flaws in the Season:

The ending wasn’t very clear or well put together, which made it seem like the creators didn’t really know where to take the story. This resulted in a rushed and unsatisfying conclusion that left us wanting more.

There were also some other problems with Season 3. For instance, Magnus, the main character, suddenly changed in a way that made him not very likable. This made it hard for us to really connect with him emotionally. The shift in his character also made it tough to cheer for any of the characters.

Additionally, the show introduced certain things that later didn’t really go anywhere, like Fjor’s tendency to be violent. These loose ends left us feeling a bit disappointed and disconnected from the story.

To wrap things up:

Ragnarok Season 3 had a chance to end things on a really high note, joining the ranks of its strong first two seasons as a show to remember. But the way they rushed through the story, left holes in the plot and gave us a lackluster ending stopped it from reaching its full potential. Even though we got to see some cool imaginary battles in Magnus’ mind, they didn’t have any real impact or consequences, leaving us wanting more.

The ending tried to be smart, but it didn’t quite work out because there were parts that didn’t fit together well and it seemed like they hadn’t planned it out carefully. All in all, the show missed the chance to give us a truly strong and meaningful ending that could have left a big impression. If they had gone for a different kind of ending, one that had real emotional weight and consequences, it could have made up for the show’s flaws.

So, while Ragnarok Season 3 didn’t quite live up to what we hoped for, it’s a reminder of how important it is to tell stories carefully and to give a show a satisfying ending, especially if it’s a show that fans love.

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