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The Nun 2 (2023) HDTS Hindi Dubbed (ORG-Line) Full Movie

The Nun 2 (2023) HDTS Hindi Dubbed Full Movie 480p, 720p

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Category: Hollywood, Horror

4.3/5 - (33 votes)

The Nun 2 (2023) HDTS Full Movie (Hindi-ORG-Line) 480p & 720p & 1080p Qualities. This is a Hollywood movie and is Available in 480p in [300MB], 720p in [1.6GB] & 1080p in [4GB] in MKV Format. This is one of the best movies based on Horror, Mystery, and Thriller. This Movie Is Now Available In Hindi Dubbed [ORG].

Movie TitleThe Nun 2 (Hindi Dubbed)
iMDB Rating6.1/10
StarsTaissa Farmiga, Jonas Bloquet, Storm Reid
DirectorMichael Chaves
LanguageHindi (ORG-Line) & English
Quality1080p, 720p & 480p [HDTS]

The Nun 2 (2023) HDTS Hindi Full Movie in Dual Audio [HD] | Watch Online Trailer:-

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The Nun 2 2023 Hindi Dubbed Full Movie – Storyline :

The story begins in 1956. We see a small child from France who used to come to the church and help his father with most of his work.

The father is very powerful, and the child finishes all his work that day and goes to the wine cellar to keep the wine. The cellar is actually called a small church.

Then he feels some excitement here, and a scary voice comes. The child is very scared and goes to call his father.

When the father arrives, he has holy water, which can drive away ghosts and cure diseases. The water is boiling rapidly, and then it turns into steam and flies away. There is also a shadow and a scary scene unfolds.

The shadow belongs to the demon nun, who blows the father into the air, sets him on fire, and kills him. In the upper part of the church, the demon nun is seen.

There, we see a man taking a bag.

Now in the story ahead, we meet Sister Irene. She lives her life in another church. There is also a girl named Debra, whom her dad had sent to the church.

Irene talks to her about how her dad didn’t like her at all because she often knew what was going to happen. Anyway, talks about the demon nuns going on in the church.

Now the story shifts back to France. We see a hostel school where a man named Morris works. The hostel is run by a madam who often scolds Morris. The reason is that the madam’s son had died in the school chapel a few years ago, which left her angry and irritable.

This anger is reflected in her interactions with everyone. In the school hostel, a very cute girl named Sophie studies. She has a good friendship with Morris, who always protects her from some girls who often trouble Sophie. However, there’s something wrong with Morris; he behaves strangely.

One day, when a girl comes to the school to deliver luggage, she sees Morris in a peculiar condition – he’s eating a cockroach. The madam had instructed him to clean the red bag of cockroaches. Suddenly, the demon nun emerges from Morris and kills the girl. There was a demon nun inside him.

The man we saw at the beginning of the story with a bag in his hand was Morris, possessed by the nun. The demon nun wasn’t killing people randomly; there was a secret behind it.

Sister Irene also starts having strange visions. She dreams of Morris asking for help and the demon nun appearing to scare her. This terrifies her.

One day, the girls who used to trouble Sophie took her to the chapel, which the madam had forbidden them to enter. There is a goat-shaped window, and they dare Sophie to shine a torch in its eyes. They say those eyes belong to the demon, and if you pay attention, the demon will come and kill you.

Sophie, left alone, sees the demon nun and gets scared. Morris arrives and rescues her.

Meanwhile, Sister Irene is informed that priests and nuns are being killed in various cities, including a father burned alive in France, the same father from the story’s beginning. The demon nun is back, and she didn’t die. Irene is called upon to investigate.

Sister Irene, overcoming her fear, agrees to take on the task. She heads to France, accompanied by Debra, who secretly joins her without church approval. Irene warns Debra of the consequences if the church finds out.

Debra shares that her mother was also burned and died but didn’t witness any miracles. Irene responds that faith can lead to miracles. They both arrive in France, and Irene recalls the child she saw at the church earlier, the child who had been with the father.

They meet the child, who reveals that he saw a shadow in the church that day and that he saw a nun there. In the library, they encounter books that take on the appearance of nuns, and the demon nun attempts to strangle Irene. Another nun’s eyes are depicted being removed from her.

Debra helps Irene regain consciousness, and they learn of other unusual events at Sophie’s school. The demon nun, possessing Morris, continues to terrorize the school. Irene has a vision of Morris seeking help but is interrupted by the demon nun. Irene discovers the demon nun’s motive and heritage.

Irene learns that all the deceased victims were from the St. Louis family, who had a powerful family sign. The demon nun sought to kill all family members to obtain their eyes, which contained her lost powers. Irene realizes that she also has the St. Louis family lineage and possesses the power to confront the demon.

The demon nun attacks Sophie, and Irene guides everyone to pray. They discover wine in the church, and by praying, it becomes the blood of Jesus. Irene and the others believe, and the wine turns into blood, defeating the demon nun. Irene sends her to hell, saving everyone.

In the end, two paranormal investigators receive a call from the church, indicating a new case, setting the stage for future adventures.

The Nun 2 2023 HDRip Full Movie in Hindi– Review :

So I saw this movie yesterday and the movie was awesome scary and very intense with a great twist at the end the mid-credits scene was good and this movie is definitely a better movie for the director Michael Chavez who directed the last two movies of the Counjuring Universe and he did a better job at directing and making the jump scares scary the movie does kind of slow down but the acting in the movie was good and I would definitely recommend going to see the movie and avoid spoilers. I give this movie an 8/10. If you have not seen the first go see it before this movie because there are spoilers for that movie.

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