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Neru (2023)

Neru Release Date, Cast, Budget, Storyline, Review and Trailer

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“Neru” is a Malayalam film directed by Jeethu Joseph, featuring Mohanlal and Priyamani in prominent roles. The storyline follows the journey of a blind sculptor who embarks on a quest for justice after experiencing a traumatic incident. The film, released on December 21, 2023, found itself in the midst of controversy due to plagiarism allegations raised by writer Deepak Unni. Director Jeethu Joseph vehemently denied these claims, asserting that the movie was crafted with utmost sincerity.

Audience and critics’ opinions on “Neru” have been diverse. Some commend the lead actors’ performances, while others criticize the film for its perceived slow pace and lack of originality. Despite the mixed reviews and the controversy surrounding its inception, the movie has generated significant buzz among viewers and is anticipated to perform well at the box office. Jeethu Joseph’s commitment to the project, coupled with the star power of Mohanlal and Priyamani, adds an intriguing layer to the film’s reception, making it a topic of discussion in the entertainment landscape.

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Neru Movie Information

Movie TitleNeru
Release DateDecember 21, 2023
IMDb Rating8
GenresCourtroom Drama, Thriller
StarsMohanlal, Priyamani, Anaswara Rajan, Siddique, Jagadish
DirectorA.T. Arun

Neru Movie Release Date

Ah, “Neru,” the name itself conjures up images of courtroom battles and unwavering determination. But if you’re wondering when you can catch this Malayalam gem, let me tell you, it’s already made its mark on the silver screen! Neru graced theaters on December 21, 2023, so it might have just slipped past your movie-watching radar. However, fear not! While the theatrical premiere may be over, the echoes of justice and resilience that “Neru” carries will surely reverberate for some time.

So, keep your eyes peeled for its potential release on streaming platforms in the future. And in the meantime, you can always delve deeper into the film by checking out reviews, trailers, and even interviews with the cast. Who knows, maybe “Neru” will soon be on your watchlist, ready to sweep you away with its powerful story!

Neru (2023) Movie Cast

MohanlalAdv. RamankuttyA jaded lawyer taking on a blind sculptor’s case.
PriyamaniSaraA talented blind sculptor seeking justice after an assault.
Anaswara RajanAdv. NandiniA young lawyer assisting Ramankutty.
SiddiqueAntagonistA powerful and influential villain opposing Sara’s case.
JagadishConfidanteA wise friend and advisor to Ramankutty.

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Neru Movie Budget

While the official budget for Neru hasn’t been officially disclosed, whispers in the Malayalam film industry suggest it was a project crafted with both ambition and resourcefulness. Some estimates place the budget around 12 crores (approximately $1.8 million), which might seem modest compared to Hollywood blockbusters, but for a Malayalam film, it represents a significant investment.

Neru Movie Storyline

Neru isn’t just your typical courtroom drama. It’s a story that ignites your spirit and challenges your perception of justice. Imagine a gifted sculptor, Sara, robbed of her sight and dignity by a brutal attack. Blinded but not broken, she seeks the unwavering support of Adv. Ramankutty, a lawyer known for his unconventional methods and a jaded heart. Together, they navigate the murky waters of a corrupt legal system, facing powerful forces who would rather silence Sara than face the truth.

Neru isn’t just about courtroom victories. It’s about resilience in the face of adversity, the fight for a voice amidst oppression, and the unwavering belief in the power of truth. It’s a story that will make you question, cheer, and perhaps even shed a tear as you witness Sara’s journey from victim to fighter, fueled by Ramankutty’s unwavering determination. Get ready to be immersed in a world where justice hangs in the balance, and every twist and turn leaves you at the edge of your seat.

Neru Movie Trailer

he Neru trailer is a heart-pounding glimpse into a story that will grip you from the opening scene. Witness the defiant stare of Priyamani as Sara, a blind sculptor fighting for justice after a horrific attack. Mohanlal’s Adv. Ramankutty, jaded but fiercely determined, emerges from the shadows to take on her case.

The trailer pulsates with tension as Ramankutty navigates the labyrinthine corridors of a corrupt legal system. Electrifying courtroom clashes erupt, with powerful figures throwing their weight around to silence Sara. Yet, her spirit remains unyielding, reflected in the haunting melody that underscores the trailer’s emotional crescendo.

Prepare for breathtaking visuals that capture the desperation and hope intertwined in this fight for justice. Fast-paced edits heighten the drama, leaving you guessing at the next twist and turn. By the end, you’ll be left yearning for more, eager to witness the verdict and how Sara’s journey unfolds in the film.

Neru Movie Review

In the initial half-hour of Jeethu Joseph’s “Neru,” a departure from his usual suspense-building style becomes evident. Unlike his previous films, the cards are laid out on the table early on. The audience is acquainted with almost every detail of the crime, the accused, and court proceedings are already underway. In the subsequent two hours, there are no groundbreaking revelations, a trademark feature of Joseph’s films, yet a satisfying feeling lingers.

Jeethu Joseph’s strength lies in powerful ideas that often compensate for other shortcomings, as seen in “Drishyam.” “Neru” follows suit, revolving around a compelling concept—the challenges faced by Sara (Anaswara Rajan), a blind rape victim, as she tries to identify the accused and convince others that her other senses compensate for her lack of eyesight. This central idea proves strong enough to sustain the film, even during moments when it teeters on the brink of losing momentum.

Sara’s method of identifying the accused unfolds as a captivating story, only to be dissected and used for character assassination in court, mirroring real-life high-profile trials. “Neru” also narrates the redemption journey of Vijayamohan (Mohanlal), a lawyer on the verge of obscurity, pitted against powerful adversaries—a wealthy business group and their formidable lawyer Rajasekhar (Siddique), with whom Vijayamohan shares a history.

As the film sets the stage with this backdrop, Jeethu, who co-wrote the script with Santhi Mayadevi (also an actor in the film), immerses the audience in the courtroom drama that consumes a significant portion of the runtime. Some court scenes are riveting, particularly those featuring the victim, while others feel somewhat awkward—such as the frequent reaction shots of a sneering accused or the exaggerated responses to legal maneuvers. The intermittent shifts to television commentary to clarify courtroom proceedings also feel somewhat distracting. References to “Drishyam” make fleeting appearances.

The decision to give Sara an active role in the fight for justice alongside the lawyer proves to be a wise writing choice. Anaswara Rajan shines in her role, portraying the character with conviction. Mohanlal, adopting an understated performance, brings a natural tone to his dialogue delivery, a refreshing departure from his recent films. While not reaching the pinnacle of his best performances, it’s a joy to see him back in form after a while.

Following the lackluster “12th Man” and the passable “Drishyam 2,” Jeethu Joseph rediscovers his flair in “Neru.” The film delves into the process of dismantling the lies of a powerful defendant and navigating the challenging journey of seeking justice, providing a cathartic high for the audience.

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