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The Deer Hunter

Exploring ‘The Deer Hunter’: A Cinematic Gem That Triumphs in Small-Town America

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The Deer Hunter: Unveiling the Essence of Small-Town America

Sure, here is a table like for the movie “The Deer Hunter”:

Movie NameThe Deer Hunter
IMDb Rating8.2/10
GenresDrama, War, Adventure
StarsRobert De Niro, Christopher Walken, Meryl Streep
DirectorMichael Cimino
Release DateDecember 29, 1978

Michael Cimino’s incredible film, “The Deer Hunter,” is a timeless treasure of American cinema that beautifully captures the spirit of life in a small town. While it’s famous for its portrayal of the Vietnam War, the film’s true essence shines through in its depiction of the close-knit community of Clairton, Pennsylvania.

A Glimpse into Clairton’s Heart

The story takes place in Clairton, a charming small town where three buddies, Michael (portrayed by Robert De Niro), Steven (played by John Savage), and Nick (depicted by Christopher Walken), all work at a steel factory and share a deep love for hunting big game. However, as they get ready to head off to Vietnam, their lives take an unforeseen and dramatic twist.

As they get ready to leave for Vietnam, their lives suddenly take a surprising twist. Cimino brilliantly integrates the town of Clairton into the story, giving it a personality of its own. The film vividly portrays the charming, genuine blue-collar atmosphere of small-town America.

The town serves as the backdrop for their lives, representing their uncomplicated yet rewarding existence as hardworking folks. Cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond skillfully captures this setting with sweeping shots of the steel factory and cathedral, highlighting the town’s industrial history and the theme of sacrifice.

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The Cinematic Canvas of Clairton

Cimino’s skillful use of wide-angle shots that capture the expansive views of Clairton adds a grand, theatrical quality to the film. The characters, seemingly small in this expansive environment, are spiritually connected to their community. The town unites in celebration, emphasizing the town’s communal spirit.

The film poetically mirrors the hunting environment of the protagonists with the Vietnam battlefield, underlining their misguided perception of war. The heartbreaking irony is that they thought their hunting abilities would somehow ready them for the terrible realities of war.

A Wedding and a Last Hurrah

The lengthy wedding scene may test modern viewers’ patience, but it’s a poignant moment in the film’s narrative. Amidst the jubilation and the sacredness of the church, an underlying sense of impending despair lingers. In 1978, just years after the Vietnam War, the wedding serves as a farewell to American innocence, offering a bittersweet juxtaposition of new life and impending conflict.

Lost Focus in Vietnam

However, when the film transitions to Vietnam, it loses some of its narrative focus. The war sequences, including the harrowing game of Russian roulette, are undeniably gripping but lack the depth and subtlety of the film’s portrayal of small-town life. The depiction of Vietnamese people as heartless villains has not aged well.

The way the film presents the war makes it seem like a straightforward conflict between good and evil, which waters down its earlier focus on the characters and the places they come from. Nick’s journey into a state of hopelessness and the excessive use of Russian roulette for shock value lessen the film’s overall effect.

A Different Perspective

Compared to later Vietnam War films like Platoon and Full Metal Jacket, The Deer Hunter falls short in exploring the reasons behind America’s involvement in the war. It inadvertently rationalizes the conflict, which is out of step with contemporary views on the war’s complexities.

The movie shifts its attention away from exploring how the war impacted small-town America once the characters come back home. Instead, it opts for a sentimental, patriotic conclusion, which seems out of place considering the film’s earlier mood and themes.

Contrasting with ‘Coming Home’

A compelling comparison can be made with Coming Home, a film that offers a more grounded and honest portrayal of war’s impact. Coming Home delves into the post-war trauma experienced by both veterans and those on the home front. Its ending, where a veteran speaks regretfully about military service, contrasts starkly with The Deer Hunter‘s patriotic conclusion.

Capturing the Essence of Vietnam

To sum it up, although “The Deer Hunter” doesn’t delve deeply into the complexities of the Vietnam War, it truly shines in portraying the heart of small-town America and how profoundly war affects the people living there. The film’s lasting images are not of combat but of the characters in their hunting attire against the backdrop of an idealistic America on the brink of transformation. The Deer Hunter is a cinematic gem that conveys the weight of Vietnam without depicting a single battle.

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