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Bhediya (2022) Full Movie Review, Storyline and Trailer

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Category: Bollywood Movies

4.5/5 - (14 votes)

Bhediya (Full Movie)
IMDB Rating: 6.8/10
Genres: Comedy, Thriller
Stars: Varun Dhawan, Kriti Sanon, Abhishek Banerjee
Director: Shaad Ali
Language: Hindi

Bhediya (2022) Screen-Shots :

Bhediya 2022 Full Movie Hindi – Storyline :

Forget your typical werewolf tales, Bhediya offers a fresh twist on the legend. Imagine Bhaskar, a city slicker construction contractor, tasked with carving a road through the lush Arunachal Pradesh forests. Little does he know, these woods hold ancient secrets and powerful protectors. One fateful night, a moonlit encounter with a creature of the night changes Bhaskar forever. He wakes up, fur sprouting, senses heightened, and a primal urge howling within.

His world, once spreadsheets and deadlines, plunges into a confusing mix of instinct and humanity. Guided by the enigmatic Dr. Anika and battling his own monstrous urges, Bhaskar grapples with his new reality. He discovers a connection to the ancient lore of the Yapum, forest guardians who transform into powerful wolves. But are they friend or foe?

As the line between man and beast blurs, Bhaskar faces a series of challenges. He must unravel the mystery of his transformation, navigate the tensions between locals and developers, and confront the shadowy forces threatening the very existence of the forest. All while battling his own inner beast, learning to control his newfound power and understand the responsibility that comes with it.

Bhediya isn’t just a creature feature; it’s a story about transformation, belonging, and the delicate balance between nature and progress. It explores themes of environmentalism, respecting indigenous wisdom, and facing the consequences of our actions. Through Bhaskar’s journey, we witness the raw power of nature, the beauty of ancient traditions, and the struggle to find our place in the world, even when we’re howling at the moon.

So, prepare to be captivated by Bhediya. It’s a thrilling ride through the wilderness, a heartwarming tale of self-discovery, and a poignant reminder of the bond between humans and the natural world.

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Bhediya: Official Trailer 4K | Varun Dhawan | Kriti Sanon

Bhediya 2022 Hindi Full Movie – Review :

Many of you seeing the title or thumbnail of this video must be thinking that what is the comparison of Bhediya movie with Kantara movie, there is something common in both and it will be known in the next video, the makers of this movie Stree Movie It has come from and it is a part of the same universe i.e. horror comedy universe of Dinesh saheb. There is a dialogue in this movie if nature and the story of this movie deal with the same theme.

The exploitation of resources is going on somewhere, this is a very big region, due to which this earth is facing a lot of natural disasters like earthquakes somewhere else, and nowadays their number is increasing continuously, as well as because of this exploitation. There are also incurable diseases for which it takes us years to find a cure. Arunachal Pradesh is a forest. Whenever someone tries to harm the forest, a Vishnu comes to protect the forest.

The hero of the film is Bhaskar i.e. Varun Dhawan he is his cousin to make a road for a big company Janardhan i.e. Abhishek reaches Arunachal Pradesh with Ban. Here he meets Jomin i.e. Pauline Kawk and Panda i.e. Deepak Dobriyal. Both help Bhaskar but the tribals of the forest are not ready to give up their land and allow the trees to be cut down. That is, the concept of man vs nature has been done very well in the movie, as well as how the people of the North East of India treat this issue like some people of their own country. Touched on a surface level, now as we saw in the trailer too, for some reason Bhaskar gets the power of a shot off Ichchadhari Bhediya, and for this reason animal doctor Anika also joins the whole gang.

And from here the twist of the story comes, that is the real wolf of this story, now look, first of all, if we talk about the good things of the movie, then the technical movie is very good, its CBI is quite solid since the teaser of Aadhi Purush has come. Since then CBI and VFX have become a benchmark for the investigation of every movie and it has to be scaled up. Watch this movie comfortably from now on, there is very little use in the movie but CBI is used, again and again, apart from this, the background score of the movie is amazing, but we are not able to impress that much in listening to the songs of the movie, but I like the voice of Sukhwinder Saheb.

Jungle me kand song hai to some extent gives a nostalgic hill when listening in the theater cinematography of the movie is very good and makes it worth watching in 3D means really if you want to see the beauty of the forests of Arunachal Pradesh then in 3D you can face a lot of it So you will be able to face face to face Now if we talk about acting then it is okay Varun Dhawan has done his work less well but Abhishek Banerjee is shining more than him in the movie, he has taken the responsibility of comedy on his shoulders alone, Deepak Dogriyal’s character definitely reminds me of Rudra Bhaiya from Stree movie but personally I was missing Pankaj Tripathi Ji there.

And it must be too long V is about 2:30 hours and half an hour could have been cut comfortably out of it and the movie could have been great and its first half is very slow, in this way also a new twist comes in the story before the climax and that Twist saves this movie from drowning Literally speaking, if that twist had not come, then this movie would not have been of any loss, the climax could have been developed a little better, after the climax a walk of the wolf Through this, we are shown the inner beauty of the jungle of Arunachal Pradesh and seeing it, you can also fail a little bit of Jungle Book movie, overall the concept of the movie was wonderful but due to its script, the movie achieved its full potential.

I couldn’t do it probably because its director Amar Kaushik Sahab didn’t have Raj and DK as his partner, but this time Narendra Bhatt Saab’s imagination was full of alcohol and yes this movie is definitely a part of the horror comedy universe. But there is no horror in this at all, I am not full at all Well, without spoilers, I could only talk so much, if I spoke more, then a little bit of emotion would look good. The posted scene in the movie is definitely a must-watch, which is full of spoilers.

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