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aakhir palaayan kab tak wikipedia

Aakhir Palaayan Kab Tak Movie 2024 Release Date, Cast, Budget, Storyline and Trailer

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Aakhir Palaayan Kab Tak movie is a Hindi drama thriller movie that releases on February 16, 2024. The movie follows a cop who investigates a murder mystery in a town where a politician exploits communal sentiments. The movie stars Rajesh Sharma, Bhushan Pattiyal, Dheerendra Dwivedi, and others. The movie is directed and written by Mukul Vikram, and produced by Maa Chunki Devi Productions. The movie has a rating of R – 17+ for violence and profanity.

The movie is about a quirky and twisted family that gets into hilarious situations and misunderstandings. The movie promises to be a fun and entertaining ride for the audience.

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Aakhir Palaayan Kab Tak Movie (2024)

TitleAakhir Palaayan Kab Tak
Release DateFebruary 16, 2024 (India)
IMDb Rating7.6 (as of February 15, 2024)
GenresDrama, Mystery
StarsRajesh Sharma, Bhushan Pattiyal, Gaurav Sharma, Chittaranjan Giri, Dheerendra Dwivedi
DirectorMukul Vikram
WriterMukul Vikram
MusicJD Singh
BudgetUnconfirmed, but estimated to be around ₹5-10 crores (based on genre and independent production)
Source MaterialN/A

Aakhir Palaayan Kab Tak Movie 2024 Release Date:

Aakhir Palaayan Kab Tak,” a gripping drama with a touch of mystery, hit theaters on February 16th, 2024! This Hindi-language film stars Rajesh Sharma as a cop grappling with personal struggles and a complex murder investigation in a small-town environment.

Aakhir Palaayan Kab Tak Movie (2024) Cast

Rajesh SharmaInspectorMain protagonist, investigating a murder mystery.
Bhushan PattiyalPoliticianPowerful figure with questionable motives.
Gaurav SharmaLawyerInvolved in the case, possibly connected to the victim.
Chittaranjan GiriJournalistSeeks the truth behind the murder and exposes corruption.
Dheerendra DwivediBusinessmanHolds key information about the case.
Sohani KumariActivistFights for justice amidst social issues.
Saurabh AgnihotriPolice OfficerAssists the Inspector in the investigation.
Brijesh KaranwalWitnessProvides crucial testimony in the case.
Mahendra ShrivasVictim’s family memberGrieves the loss and seeks answers.
Avinash KumarLocal villagerOffers insights into the community dynamics.
Ravi DuttPolice OfficerPart of the investigation team.
Janvi ViyasReporterCovers the case for the local news channel.
Akshit ChauhanInformantProvides confidential information to the Inspector.
Arun ThakurLawyerRepresents the accused in the murder case.
Sushil YadavGoonWorks for the politician and engages in illegal activities.

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Aakhir Palaayan Kab Tak Movie Budget

The official budget for “Aakhir Palaayan Kab Tak” hasn’t been publicly disclosed. However, based on information from sources like news articles and movie budget estimation websites, it’s likely to be around the ₹5-10 crore range (approximately $625,000-$1.25 million).

This estimation considers factors like the film’s genre, independent production status, and the estimated costs of filming in India.

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Aakhir Palaayan Kab Tak Movie Storyline

Aakhir Palaayan Kab Tak is a movie that exposes the dark side of communal politics and manipulation in a small town. The movie follows Inspector Suraj, a cop who is haunted by his past failures and personal troubles.

He is assigned to investigate a mysterious murder case that leads him to a neighborhood where Sunil, a Hindu shopkeeper, lives with his family. Sunil and his fellow Hindus are being harassed and threatened by a powerful Muslim politician, Badruddin, who wants to acquire their land and property at a cheap price.

Badruddin uses his influence and resources to create fake videos, spread rumors, and incite violence among the communities. Suraj tries to unravel the truth behind the murder and the disappearance of Sunil’s family, while also confronting his own demons and doubts. The movie is a gripping thriller that explores the themes of greed, fear, and redemption.

Aakhir Palaayan Kab Tak Movie 2024 Trailer

The trailer for “Aakhir Palaayan Kab Tak” unveils a captivating cinematic experience packed with suspense, drama, and social commentary. With haunting visuals and powerful dialogues, it pulls you into a small town where simmering tensions and hidden secrets threaten to erupt.

We see Rajesh Sharma, playing a determined cop, battling personal demons while facing a complex murder investigation. The trailer hints at a web of deceit and manipulation, raising questions about who to trust and where justice lies. The involvement of prominent figures like a powerful politician and a passionate activist adds layers of intrigue and potential conflict.

Beyond the thrilling investigation, the trailer touches upon themes of community struggles, the fight for justice, and the constant search for truth. Glimpses of emotional confrontations and impactful exchanges hint at the film’s ability to both entertain and spark reflection.

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