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Argylle Movie 2024 Release Date, Cast, Budget, Storyline and Trailer

Argylle Movie 2024 Release Date, Cast, Budget, Storyline, Review and Trailer

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Argylle Movie is an upcoming spy action comedy film directed by Matthew Vaughn and based on a novel by Elly Conway. The film features an ensemble cast that includes Henry Cavill, Bryce Dallas Howard, Sam Rockwell, Bryan Cranston, Dua Lipa, Ariana DeBose, John Cena, and Samuel L. Jackson.

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Argylle Movie (2024)

Release DateFebruary 2, 2024 (already released)
IMDb Rating6.5/10
GenresAction, Comedy, Spy
StarsHenry Cavill, Bryce Dallas Howard, Sam Rockwell, Bryan Cranston, Catherine O’Hara, John Cena, Samuel L. Jackson, Sofia Boutella, Dua Lipa, Ariana DeBose
DirectorMatthew Vaughn
WriterJason Fuchs
MusicDaniel Pemberton

Argylle Movie 2024 Release Date:

The wait is over! “Argylle Movie,” the action-packed spy thriller starring Henry Cavill and a star-studded cast, has already hit the big screen as of February 2nd, 2024. So grab your popcorn and strap in for a wild ride of amnesia, espionage, and laughs.

Argylle Movie (2024) Cast

CharacterActorRole Description
ArgylleHenry CavillA suave and mysterious spy with amnesia
Elly ConwayBryce Dallas HowardA reclusive spy novelist drawn into real-life espionage
AidenSam RockwellA cat-allergic spy and Elly’s reluctant partner
LaGrangeDua Lipa(Undisclosed role)
Daniel SinghJohn CenaA villainous operative hunting Argylle
Director FowlerRichard E. GrantHead of Argylle’s spy organization
RuthCatherine O’HaraElly’s eccentric neighbor
CarlosTomás ParedesA close associate of Daniel Singh
Sofia Al-BadrSofia BoutellaA cunning and ruthless spy
Wyatt(Undisclosed role)Played by Ariana DeBose
Director RitterBryan CranstonA shadowy figure with unknown motives
Deputy Director PowellRob DelaneyWorks under Director Ritter
Alfie the CatChipArgylle’s furry companion
+ Many MoreSupporting roles and cameos

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Argylle Movie Budget

Argylle Movie, the action-packed spy comedy hitting theaters in February 2024, packs a major punch not just with its star-studded cast and sleek stunts, but also with its hefty price tag. Clocking in at a reported $200 million, the film ranks among the most expensive productions of the year. This budget reflects the ambition of director Matthew Vaughn, known for his visually stunning and action-heavy projects like Kingsman.

Argylle Movie Screenshots:

Argylle Movie Storyline

Argylle is a movie about a spy novelist named Elly Conway, who discovers that her books are based on real events and secrets. She meets a real spy named Aidan, who helps her escape from a dangerous organization that wants to capture her and use her knowledge.

Together, they embark on a thrilling adventure across the world, trying to find the truth behind her novels and stop the villains from causing chaos. Along the way, they encounter many colorful characters, such as Agent Argylle, the hero of Elly’s books, LaGrange, a mysterious femme fatale, and Director Ritter, the leader of the organization.

The movie is a mix of action, comedy, and romance, with a lot of twists and surprises. It is based on a novel by Elly Conway, who is also the main character of the movie.

Argylle Movie 2024 Trailer

The “Argylle” trailer throws a cocktail of intrigue, action, and humor into your face, leaving you wanting more. It’s like a stylish, high-octane remix of “Kingsman” and “Knives Out,” with a dash of “Inception” thrown in for good measure.

Henry Cavill oozes charisma as the amnesiac spy, Argylle, his suave demeanor masking a mysterious past. Bryce Dallas Howard shines as the novelist whose fictional worlds bleed into reality, plunging her into a dangerous game of espionage. The trailer hints at a mind-bending plot where fiction and reality blur, making you question what’s real and what’s just a figment of someone’s imagination.

The trailer boasts an impressive cast beyond Cavill and Howard. We see glimpses of Sam Rockwell’s dry humor, John Cena’s menacing presence, and Samuel L. Jackson, well, being Samuel L. Jackson. Each actor brings their unique energy to the table, promising a diverse and entertaining ensemble.

Argylle Movie Review

In the realm of spy thrillers, Matthew Vaughn’s latest offering, “Argylle,” emerges as a puzzle wrapped in a mystery. With a star-studded cast featuring Bryce Dallas Howard and Sam Rockwell, one might expect a certain level of espionage intrigue. However, as the film unfolds, it becomes clear that “Argylle” is a blend of comedic camp and action-packed sequences that both entertain and frustrate in equal measure.

The premise centers on Howard’s character, an author of spy novels whose fictional narratives unexpectedly mirror real-life events. Rockwell plays the role of a spy who gets entangled in her world as they navigate through a web of danger and deception. Yet, despite the billing, Henry Cavill’s presence is more of a fleeting cameo than a leading role, despite what the poster might suggest.

The film’s tone oscillates between moments of genuine enjoyment and instances where it feels like the narrative loses its way. Rockwell’s comedic timing shines through, injecting much-needed levity into the proceedings. However, certain stylistic choices, such as an overly smoky action sequence, detract from the viewing experience.

One of the film’s major drawbacks is its lack of cohesive structure. It feels like three separate movies stitched together, each veering off into a different direction. While this approach may work for some, others may find themselves struggling to keep up with the ever-shifting narrative.

Despite its flaws, “Argylle” manages to deliver some unexpected twists and turns that keep viewers engaged until the end. However, the overreliance on CGI and questionable plot decisions may leave some audiences feeling unsatisfied.

In conclusion, “Argylle” is a mixed bag of comedic camp and spy thriller tropes. While it has its moments of entertainment, it ultimately falls short of reaching its full potential. For those seeking a more coherent spy movie experience, there are plenty of other options to choose from.

So, whether you’re a fan of classic espionage tales or prefer your spy movies with a comedic twist, “Argylle” offers something for everyone. But be prepared for a rollercoaster ride that’s equal parts fun and frustrating.

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