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Vikrant Rona (2022) Hindi Movie Download

Vikrant Rona Movie 2022 Story, Review, Trailer, And Budget

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Category: Action, South Movies

4.5/5 - (36 votes)

Vikrant Rona (Movie)
IMDB Rating: 9.6/10
Genres: Action | Adventure
Stars: Sudeep, Nirup Bhandari, Neetha Ashok
Director: Anup Bhandari
Language: Hindi
Quality: HQ-HDCAMRip

What is Vikrant Rona kannada movie release date?

28 July 2022 (India)

What language is Vikrant Rona?

Vikrant Rona / Language
With the success of south films this year, Kannada magnum opus ‘Vikrant Rona’, which has been released in five Indian languages is a film that has created a lot of buzzes prior to release.

Is Vikrant Rona released in English?

Vikrant Rona is releasing in Kannada, Hindi, English, Malayalam, and Tamil and is expected to be out in Arabic, German, Russian, and Mandarin, as well.

How can I watch Vikrant Rona?

Regarding the OTT streaming rights, ZEE5 is the owner. According to sources, ZEE5 paid a hefty sum for ‘Vikrant Rona”s streaming rights. The film ‘Kaduva’ is set to be released on an OTT platform. On August 4, ‘Kaduva’ will be available on Amazon Prime Video.

Vikrant Rona Budget and Collection

Vikrant Rona is a 2022 Indian Kannada-language action-adventure thriller film written and directed by Anup Bhandari, and produced by Jack Manjunath of Shalini Arts with Alankar Pandian as co-producer.

Vikrant Rona
Country -India
Language – Kannada
Budget – ₹95 crore
Box office – est.₹150 crore

Vikrant Rona 2022 Movie Hindi – Storyline :

Vikrant Rona 2022 Hindi 720p HDRip: Almost half a century ago, a remote village in the middle of a tropical rainforest starts witnessing a series of unexplainable events which they attribute to the supernatural.

Vikrant Rona 2022 Hindi Movie – Review :

This film is way ahead of its time, I am sure it will rule overseas, but most of the Indian audience is addicted to mass commercial movies, so who will not get this epic masterpiece, #KichchaSudeep acting in this film is one of the all-time best, he acted soul out of him, he is like an Indiana Jones mixed with sherlock holmes #AnupBhandari did a promising direction and screenplay, he has crafted this film very well.

Vikrant Rona Movie Teaser :

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