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Night Swim Movie

Night Swim Movie 2024 Release Date, Cast, Budget, Storyline and Trailer

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A chilling tale of a family vacation gone wrong, Night Swim Movie is a supernatural horror film that premiered on January 5, 2024. Released under the banners of Atomic Monster and Blumhouse Productions, the film marks the first collaboration between the two horror giants.

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Night Swim Movie (2024)

TitleNight Swim
Release DateJanuary 5, 2024
IMDb Rating5.0 (as of January 6, 2024)
GenresHorror, Drama
StarsWyatt Russell, Kerry Condon, Amélie Hoeferle, Gavin Warren
DirectorBryce McGuire

Night Swim Movie 2024 Release Date:

Night Swim, a horror film, is scheduled for release in the United States on January 5, 2024, by Universal Pictures. The release date was advanced from the initial date of January 19, 2024. Night Swim marks the directorial debut of Bryce McGuire and represents the first collaboration between horror producers Jason Blum and James Wan. The cast includes Wyatt Russell and Kerry Condon as a couple moving into a house with a haunted pool.

Night Swim Movie (2024) Cast

CharacterActorKnown for
Ray WallerWyatt RussellThe Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Ingrid Goes West
Eve WallerKerry CondonThe Banshees of Inisherin, Rome
Izzy WallerAmélie HoeferleThe Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, Locke & Key
Elliot WallerGavin WarrenFear the Walking Dead, The Haunting of Hill House
Dr. SridharRahnuma PanthakyI May Destroy You, The Good Place
Coach EEddie MartinezNarcos: Mexico, American Crime Story
AngelEllie AraizaGentefied, American Horror Story
KayJodi LongThe Conjuror 2, Winchester
BenBen SinclairHigh Maintenance, Parks and Recreation

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Night Swim Movie Budget

Based on web search findings, Night Swim, a horror film with a $15 million budget, globally earned $17.6 million in its debut weekend. Directed by Bryce McGuire, it marks the initial partnership of producers Jason Blum and James Wan. Starring Wyatt Russell and Kerry Condon, the movie portrays a couple in a haunted pool house.

Night Swim Movie Screenshots:

Night Swim Movie Storyline

Blumhouse, the masterminds behind the chilling “Night Swim,” bring back the spine-tingling January tradition. In this hair-raising horror movie, a seemingly innocuous pool becomes the epicenter of terror, proving that even the most tranquil waters can harbor malevolence.

The Legacy of Fear: From “M3GAN” to “Night Swim”

“Night Swim Movie” follows the footsteps of its predecessor, “M3GAN,” occupying the same calendar slot a year later. While not aiming to surpass the cultural impact of “M3GAN,” the creators, Jason Blum and James Wan, skillfully blend horror and humor. Brace yourself for the absurdity as this movie unveils a peculiar plot — a pool that devours people.

The Pool’s Menacing Makeover

Unlike glamorous, contemporary pools, the antagonist in “Night Swim” is a stark, concrete relic reminiscent of 1970s Southern California. Director Bryce McGuire transforms this seemingly mundane pool into a symbol of ancient, insatiable evil lurking beneath suburban serenity.

Nostalgia and Nightmare: McGuire’s Artistry

McGuire’s directorial debut expands on his earlier short film, exploring the concept of hidden malevolence in everyday suburbia. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Stephen King and David Lynch, McGuire skillfully builds tension through innovative camera angles and haunting sound design.

Unveiling the Past: A Flashback to 1992

A poignant flashback to 1992 sets the stage, revealing the pool’s sinister history. A young girl’s disappearance into its depths becomes a chilling prelude to the Waller family’s ominous move into the same house decades later.

The Waller Family’s Odyssey

Ray Waller, a retired baseball star battling multiple sclerosis, seeks solace in the decaying pool. Eve, his wife, dreams of stability, and their children, Izzy and Elliot, anticipate a fresh start. Little do they know, the pool holds more than just promises of healing and happiness.

From Promise to Peril: The Pool’s Deceptive Allure

As the Waller family confronts the pool’s neglected state, McGuire weaves a narrative of hope and apprehension. The once-inviting waters now echo danger, with unsettling underwater perspectives heightening the suspense.

Unraveling the Mystery: Jump Scares and Revelations

While “Night Swim” initially relies on well-crafted tension and distorted perspectives, it eventually succumbs to predictable jump scares. The revelation of the entity behind the terror, while humorous, diminishes the thrill of the initially ambiguous menace.

Standout Performances and a Nod to Nostalgia

“Night Swim” features standout performances, notably from Wyatt Russell as Ray Waller, injecting innocence and earnestness into absurd circumstances. Nancy Lenehan and Ben Sinclair contribute amusingly in supporting roles, adding layers of humor to the horror.

Final Verdict: Take the Plunge

As “Night Swim” invites you to dive into its aquatic nightmare, be prepared for a rollercoaster of scares and laughs. Despite some predictable moments, the movie offers a unique twist on the horror genre, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. So, come on in—the water’s fine, and the terror awaits.

When and Where Can You Watch ‘Night Swim’?

As of today, October 26, 2023, Night Swim Movie (2024) hasn’t officially premiered yet. Its theatrical release date was January 5, 2024, and it played in cinemas for some time after that.

Therefore, at this moment, you cannot legally watch Night Swim Movie (2024) through any streaming services or on-demand platforms.

However, depending on your location and preferred watching experience, you might have a few options in the future:

  • Physical media: The film may eventually be released on DVD, Blu-ray, or even Ultra HD Blu-ray. Keep an eye out for announcements from the distributors or retailers.
  • Digital purchase or rental: Once the physical release has been out for a while, Night Swim might become available for purchase or rental on platforms like iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Prime Video, or YouTube.
  • Streaming services: Occasionally, films get picked up by streaming services after their theatrical and physical release windows. There’s no official confirmation about this yet, but platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, or Peacock could potentially acquire the rights to Night Swim at some point.

Night Swim (2024 Trailer):

Hold your breath, cinephiles, because the trailer for Night Swim (2024) is here, and it’s a chilling plunge into the darkest depths of family terror. This collaboration between horror giants Atomic Monster and Blumhouse Productions isn’t your average poolside romp; it’s a descent into a nightmare where secrets rise from the murky water, threatening to drag a family into a vortex of the unknown.

Wyatt Russell and Kerry Condon anchor the film as parents clinging to the last threads of sanity as their idyllic vacation unravels into a fight for survival. Their faces, etched with fear and desperation, flicker in the shadows cast by the shimmering pool, hinting at the unseen horrors lurking beneath. Whispers slither from the depths, shadows dance ominously, and the chilling score sends shivers down your spine.

But Night Swim is more than just jump scares and creepy crawlies. It’s a chilling exploration of family trauma, where the monsters might not be the ones with fins. The trailer masterfully hints at the darkness that festers beneath the surface, leaving you questioning what’s real and what’s lurking just beyond our sight. So, if you’re looking for a cinematic thrill ride that will leave you shivering long after the credits roll, mark your calendars and prepare to plunge into the terrifying depths of Night Swim. Just don’t expect to sleep soundly ever again.

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